Phoenix 1200 Hexacopter Drone

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Phoenix 1200 Hexacopter system is designed from the ground-up to be a fully customizable platform suitable for a wide range of applications. Made with high quality materials and avionics systems, the system can handle very harsh operating conditions and still perform tasks with unprecedented flexibility and ease of operation

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Benefits of Phoenix 1200 Hexacopter System


Highly Stable system and designed to operate in very harsh conditions

Optimized design

Vehicle has been designed from ground up and optimized part by part for maximum efficiencies. 

Flight Time

Higher Flight time better than other vehicles in this class

Fully Customizable

The system is designed keeping mind, various applications that it could be used for. Hence customizable for wide range of applications


Fabricated with high-end carbon fiber components and high quality avionics, the system is extremely reliable

Specifications of 1200 Hexacopter 

Vehicle Size


Boom material

3K carbon fiber gloss finish


Carbon Fiber 18 inch


High Quality BLDC Motor 5XXX Series

Voltage Rating

6S, 8,000mah – 16,000mah

Payload Capacity


Release Mechanism


Flight Time

10 – 20 min (depending on payload)

Autopilot selections available

Total Weight

12kg (With Payload)

Operating Range

1 – 5Km

Way Point Navigation


Waterproof Hub



Triple redundant IMU and GPS - optional package

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