ESP8266 WiFi 5V 1 Channel Relay Delay Module IoT Smart Home Remote Control Android Mobile Phone APP Control 400M Transmission View larger

ESP8266 WiFi 5V 1 Channel Relay Delay Module IoT Smart Home Remote Control Android Mobile Phone APP Control 400M Transmission

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ESP8266 WiFi 5V 1 Channel Relay Module equip with ESP8266 WiFi module and micro-controllers, through the mobile phone APP to the module to send serial instructions to achieve in the LAN within the relay for wireless control. This onboard 5V, 10A / 250V AC 10A / 30V DC relay, can be continuous pull 10 million times, with diarrhea flow protection and short response time.

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How to use :

  1. Onboard ESP8266 WIFI module has three operating modes: STA (client), AP (hot), STA + AP (client + hot), according to the work of the module to select the corresponding WIFI module mode of operation The
  2. The module needs to use the serial debugging software on the computer and USB to TTL module to send AT commands to configure the WIFI module, USB to TTL module RX, TX, GND pin, then the module on the TX, RX, GND pin, IN +, IN – 5V power supply.
General Info :
  1.  Onboard ESP8266 WIFI module, AP mode can be connected at the same time 5 client
  2. The module has two ways to work:
    (i) mobile phone directly mounted on the WIFI module;
    (ii) mobile phone and WIFI module also carried on the router.
Transmission distance:
  1. Open environment, the mobile phone mounted on the WIFI module when the maximum transmission distance of 400m.
  2. When the WiFI module and mobile phone at the same time carried on the router when the transmission distance according to the router’s signal weakly;
Board function description : 

IN +, IN-: 5V power input;
TX, RX, GND: Serial debug pin;

ESP8266 WiFi 5V 1 Channel Relay Module

Onboard the ESP8266 WIFI module has three work modes: STA (client), AP (hot), the STA + Ap( hot +client), according to the workings of a module to the corresponding choice of WIFI module working mode. Module need before use serial debugging software and USB to TTL module send serial command was carried out on the WIFI module configuration (don’t power outages after configuration is complete, as some of the parameters of WIFI module cannot be saved when the power is cut off), mobile phone and WIFI module after establishing a network connection can use the phone APP control relay.

Control Commands :

When cell phone equipped with WiFi module sends commands in the following order:
(The default baud rate 115200)

  1.  AT+CWMODE=2, namely AP mode is selected.
  2. AT+RST, reset.
  3.  AT+CIPMUX=1, open multiple connections.
  4.  AT+CIPSERVER=1,8080, configure the TCP server, set the port.
  5.  AT+CIOBAUD=9600 set the baud rate to 9600. (working in relays to control the baud rate 9600).
  6.  AT+CIFSR to view the AP mode IP address, such as the APIP, “”.
  7.  Cell phone WIFI signal connection name starts with AI-THINKER or ESP8266.
  8.  In the “TCP connection” address and port into the APP, such as and 8080.
  9.  Click on the grey box relays can be controlled.

Features :

  1. Onboard Module: ESP8266 wifi module; in AP mode it can connect with 5 Clients at the same time
  2. Operating Way: cellphone carried on wifi module; cellphone and wifi module carried on the same router, and use the APP to control relay
  3. Diode effusion protection;
  4. Short response time


Transmission Distance(m)



5V (10A/250V AC, 10A/30V DC)

Baud Rate


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


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