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1.75mm 3D printing filament dust filter - Upgrades - Xbotics

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Substantially extend the life of your 3D printer nozzles by adding this filter. Contains the perfect density of filter foam to wipe dust, lint, or other debris from the filament before entering the feed tube and nozzle of your 3D printer. 

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The filament cleaner is made of anti-cracking rubber foam material. Each 1.75mm filament type can be easily implemented.

Because filaments are usually made of plastic, they are usually static, which allows them to absorb different types of waste and dust. When the filament is fed through the cleaning block, the waste remains in the filter and no dust enters the extruder/hotend.

Clean filament can prevent the hothouses/extruder from needlessly having to be replaced due to dust/waste.

This additive is permanently bonded to foam structure so it remains inside the foam after cleanings. Split design allows the filter to snap around your filament before going into the feeder tube. No cutting filament required to install. A simple snap on. Our filament filters may also be used as a pre-lubrication device for some PLA and exotic plastics that require lubrication. The filter material and case are resistant to mineral, silicone, synthetic and natural lubricants without degrading or dissolving. Only when necessary simply add a couple drops of the desired lubricant to the filter foam and snap over the filament. Afterward, the filter can be washed with dish soap such as Dawn and water to restore it's original properties. Service life is well over 2000 hours of printing time and extends nozzle life from clogging to several hundred hours over typical nozzle life. Back pressure is also eliminated from partial clogs of the nozzle. The Epic CNC filament filter is a very small investment for huge 3D printing reliability and productivity gains. Clean debris as necessary by unsnapping the 2 side snaps with a finger nail or small screw driver, use compressed air or duster spray. Depending on your specific environment cleanings may be as frequent as after every 2kg reel, or after 3-4 reels. Remove debris often from the filter for optimal performance and nozzle life.

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