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Electronic Soldering Tin Lead 50gm roll - Tools - Xbotics

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Fluxes formulated using high quality these Solder Wire 0.5mm 50g B Type 35% Tin content have a welding speed less splash spotlight versatile features adapted to the modern electronics industry and the rapid development of welding technology needs is maintenance industry electronics enthusiasts will Preparation of material.

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After electrolytic tin solder’s melting purification and special refining process greatly remove the solder fine oxide inclusions and joined the antioxidant trace elements in solder products to ensure excellent quality.

Solder good weldability high welding capacity wetting time is short; evenly distributed within the line of rosin good continuity when soldering rosin spatter; no odor non-toxic health odors smokeless; corrosive flux residues extremely low.

Features :

  1.       Less residue, bright spot, reliable.
  2.       Soldering performance is good.
  3.       During soldering spatter less, smoke less, smell feel relaxed.
  4.       Corrosive small.
  5.         Easy to carry and it’s sure an electronic enthusiast’s essential gadget.

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