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10L Agriculture drone tank

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New model agricultural 10L Spray Tank For Spraying Pesticides and Can be used in Agricultural Projects

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1, anti-surge groove design

The water tank designed two anti-surge grooves, the battery platform with a back flow slot to prevent accidental dumping liquid, causing the battery soaked

2, the slope of the nozzle

Inlet water pouring angle according to the design, so add liquid more comfortable and smooth

3, inlet filter

The inlet is equipped with stainless steel filter, with the filter to achieve dual filter nozzle effect, effectively filter impurities, to avoid nozzle clogging

4, precise tick mark

According to the water tanks special irregular shape, accurate drawing of non-equidistant graduation line, easy to understand the amount of water

5, tapered design, the sink to do further sinking process to prevent residual liquid

6, the bottom of the removable outlet, easy to clean and replace the outlet interface, you can also install the level sensor

7, The water tank set aside more equipment to expand the installation of bits to facilitate the installation of pumps, high altitude radar, flow meters, various types of sensors and other equipment

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