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Object Follower Robot is able to track a round object with the help of an Camera. In OpenCV with the help of image processing technique.

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Materials Required:

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 (any model should work)

  2. Picamera(normal usb camera also fine)

  3. DC Gear Motor (2Nos)

  4. L293D Motor Driver

  5. Chaises (You can also build your own using cardboards)

  6. Power bank & 9V battery (Any available power source)

  If camera detect circle pi send command to move motor


  • If camera detect circle in middle and size is smaller goes forward

  • If camera detect Negative value turns robot turns Right

  • if camera detect Positive value turns robot left

  • if Camera detect size off the object larger move backward

  • if camera detect size of the circle normal and middle it stop


  • If the robot does not stabilize or keep oscillating change the value of pwm.

  • If bot does not recognise line change value in INRANGE function.

  • If motor spin in different direction change pin number in motorpi file.

  • If bot finds shadows as line place it In same light condition or add light at the bottom of the robot.


  • Carful in connecting batteries don’t connect 12v to pi directly.

  • Check connection if there any loose connection.

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