Drone Parts


Drone Parts

Xbotics is India's super store for all drones and drone parts needs. We offer a wide range of drone parts, propellers, BLDC motors, speed controllers, flight controllers, ESCs, Lipo batteries, Tx, Rx, drone frames etc..,

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  • Propulsion

    Propellers, BLDC Motors, ESC, Speed controllers, battery, lipo battery, lipo charger at affordable cost - Xbotics

  • FPV

    FPV tools, 5.8 Ghz transmitter, 5.8Ghz receiver, antenna, fpv screen camera at affordable cost - Xbotics

  • Controller

    Flight controller, drone flight controller, remote, 2.4ghz transmitter, tx, rx at affordable cost - Xbotics

  • Building Materials

    Multirotor frames, fixed wing parts, multirotor parts, drone parts, simulator, transmitter carry case, drone carry case at affordable cost - Xbotics

  • Drone Combo

    Drone Motors,ESC,Propellers - Xbotics