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Heat Gun is must-buy for any handy man, boasting of superior performance owing to its spherical nozzle, and fabulous safety features during operations. The pistol grip handle is ergonomically designed for extended use. This is a classy power tool. This heat gun has two heat settings.

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This rare gem among SCHOFIC Home Improvement products is less dangerous than a naked flame and perfect for in house applications. This notable heat gun is the perfect addition to your household workshop or tool kit. Shop online for this product today! Features Ergonomically engineered pistol grip. Two changeable temperature control settings for a variety of application. Built-in stand for hands free use and easy cool down. Superb design features for effortless operation.
 -Electronic temperature control.
-Sensor closed loop, microcomputer triggered temperature control over 0, temperature stability.
-Double v-ortex flow out of wind, soft air without damage.
-High quality alloy heating core, imported switch, imported motor.
-High and low two gear wind and temperature adjustment, minimum temperature 50℃ maximum temperature 650℃.

1. It can remove the old paint on the metal surface, and better  effect use with hot air nozzle and the scraper.
2. Self sticky sticker can be removed.
3. It can be relieved of rust or too tight nuts and metal screws.
4. It can make the plastic hose bend.
5. Before handling the grease or replace the old mill, can first softening;
6. Dry the damp wood.
7. Heat shrinkable packaging film and packaging pipe.
8. Can collapsible polyethylene that used to connect metal.
9. Softening welding material.
Color: Yellow/Blue
Material: Plastic Shell
Voltager: 220V/50Hz
Power: 2000W
Working Temperature: 60℃-650℃
Air Volume: 250L/min (Low mode) 500L/min (high mode)
Cable Length: approx.140cm
Size: approx. 26cm x 19cm
Weight:approx. 584g

Note: Can not adjust the temperature, dual temperature control can only adjust a high temperature file, a low temperature file.

-Do not use the hot air g-un with the chemical (plastic) scraper
-Please remove the dry paint from the nozzle or the scraper to avoid the fire after use.
-Don't direct a hot wind directly to a person or an animal.
-Do not touch the nozzle when the hot air g-un is used or just used, and the handle of the hot air g-un must be dry, clean and away from the oil or gas.
-The hot air g-un will be completely cooled before it can be stored.

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