3D printing is the most effective and giving lot of freedom to designers to implement their ideas. Prototyping is an important part of the product manufacturing. But due to the high cost and unavailability of the technology, everyone cannot afford the 3D printer.

Getting your design 3D printed is now easier than ever. XBotics is providing 3D printing service to all.  As a modern technology company, XBotics is depending 3D printing for its rapid prototyping, Product fabrications, and research process for years. These experience in the 3D printing technology is now available for every researcher, students, faculties, hobbyists.

We are currently offering our 3D Printing services at extremely low cost to benefit our community. We are offering the services as low as Rs.5 per minute

How to order our 3D printing service?

  •          Send mail to xboticsblr@gmail.com (Subject: 3D Printing service) along with your file in STL format and quantity
  •          Receive the quote
  •          Make the advance payment
  •          File is printed
  •          Make the remaining payment and receive the printed part