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OD 22mm Carbon Fiber Tubes for Drones (500mm) - Composites - Xbotics

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 carbon fiber tube, high strength, corrosion resistance. surface smoothness, straightness good carbon fiber tube. Strength is 8-10 times higher than ordinary steel, but weighs only about 1/5 of steel. It has good electrical conductivity and very good tensile strength. Features: High-tech carbon fiber composite material.

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High quality 3K Roll Wrapped Carbon Fiber Tube with 100% full Carbon

- Pure carbon ,High strength light weight,Nice surface

- Raw Material :Imported Taiwan Or Japan Toray Carbon fiber fabric

- Outside 3K +Inside UD Carbon

High quality 3K Carbon Fiber Tube specifications:

- Length: 500MM (if you want other thickness, and length just let me know, we can do it for you. )

- Outer Diameter: 22mm

- Inner Diameter: 20 mm

- Surface treatment: 3K Glossy (black)

High quality 3K Carbon Fiber Tubeapplication:

- Aerospace,RC model parts Helicopters Model drone , gimbal

- Decoration parts

- Manufacture fixtures and tooling

- Industrial automation and robotics

- Sports equipment

- Musical instruments

- Scientific apparatus

- Medical device

- Others

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