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Carbon Fiber Solid Rod 8mm * 1000mm - Composites - Xbotics

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Due to its incredible strength and light weight, carbon fibre rod is used in a wide range of applications including aerospace and motor racing but perhaps its most common use in recreational sports equipment like kites and radio controlled models.

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Our carbon fibre rod is manufactured to engineering tolerances from pultruded unidirectional carbon fibres which means that all the strength of the rods runs laterally along their length.

Suitable Applications

Pultruded carbon fibre rods are suitable for use in:

  • Radio-Controlled (RC) Planes/Helicopters
  • Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Stunt/Power Kites
  • Robots
  • Mechanical Control Mechanisms


Tensile StrengthMpaLength-ways400-500
Tensile ModulusGpaLength-ways28-40
Flexural StrengthMpaLength-ways250-400
Flexural ModulusGpaLength-ways20-30
Compressive StrengthMpaLength-ways200-320
Compressive ModulusGpaLength-ways10-20
Short beam shearing strengthMpaLength-ways30-40
Barcol Hardness25-45
Relative Densityg/cm³-1.30-1.50

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