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he camera module is powered from a single + 3.3 V supply. An external clock oscillator that provides a camera module xclk pin. Through the I2 °C bus and configuration, the camera's internal tuyere, the camera provides pixel clock (pclk) and camera data (data [9:0]), the host, back to sync signals such as href and VSYNC.

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The ov7670 camera module is a low-cost 0.3 megapixel CMOS camera module that outputs 640 x 480 color VGA resolution pictures at 30 fps. The ov7670 camera module has built-in onboard low dropout regulator with only 3.3 V power, which can be used with Arduino, STM32 chipkit, arm, DSP, FPGA, etc.
Optical size 1 / 15.2 cm
Resolution 640 x 480 VGA
Built-in regulator, only required for a single 3.3 V supply
Inlay high quality F1.8 / 6 MM lens
High sensitivity, weak operation
Variopixel ® method sub-sampling
Automatic picture control features include: Auto
Exposure Control (AEC), Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Auto White Balance (AWB), Auto
Strap filter (ABF) with automatic black-level correction ( ablc )
Image quality control, including color saturation, hue, gamma, sharp (edge ​​enhancement), and anti-blooming
ISP includes noise reduction and defect correction
Support LED, flash flash mode
Support peeling
Lens shading correction
Flashing (50 / 60 Hz) automatic detection
Automatic adjustment of saturation level (UV adjustment)
Edge enhancement level automatic adjustment
De-noise level automatic adjustment
Cell phones, PDAs, toys, other battery-powered products
packing list:
1 x 640 x 480 0.3 megapixel VGA CMOS ov7670 camera module
Shenzhen Dove Si Technology Co., Ltd., developed and sold by more than 10 years in one of the team together to set up in 2011. The company mainly focuses on the development, production and sales of communication and video equipment. In the industry there are communication and video equipment leader. : Wireless video communication equipment, such as wireless microscope, wireless camera and so on. Video equipment: camera module, industrial camera module, high-definition video module, industrial camera, industrial lens, film lens, microscope and microscope stand
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Shenzhen City Weisi Si Technology Co., Ltd. is so far in the "camera video module industry and industrial video equipment industry"
Shenzhen City Dove Si Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of video modules and industrial video equipment, and other high-tech imaging products OEM company, is the Shenzhen electronics market production and sales of one of the most competitive manufacturers. The company brings together a group of CMOS image sensor in the field of experienced R & D team, in the CMOS camera module research and development, design in strict accordance with customer requirements, design to sell customer satisfaction products. Our main products are: HD 300,000, 1.3 million, 2 million, 3 million, 5 million, more than 800 million pixel AF and FF high pixel module. Products are widely used in mobile phones, notebook, MID, video telephony, police communications, security monitoring, medical equipment and automotive, industrial cameras, banking, research, education, aviation, subway, and other industries.
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3V3 ----- input power supply voltage (3.3,5V is recommended, but not recommended)
GDN ----- grounding point
SIO_C --- SCCB interface control clock (Note: part of the low-level microcontroller requires pull-up control, and I2C interface similar)
SIO_D --- SCCB interface serial data input (out) side (Note: some low-level microcontroller requires pull-up control, and I2C interface similar)
VSYNC --- frame sync signal (output signal)
HREF - line sync signal (output signal)
PCLK ---- pixel clock (output signal)
D0-D7 --- data port (output signal)
RESTE --- reset port (normal use pull high)
PWDN ---- power selection mode (normal use low)
OV7670 image sensor, small size, low operating voltage, providing a single VGA camera and image processor all the features. Through the SCCB bus control, you can output the entire frame, sub-sampling, take the window, etc. various resolution 8-bit impact data. The product VGA image up to 30 frames / sec. The user can fully control the image quality, data format and transmission mode. All image processing functions include gamma curve, white balance, saturation, chroma, etc. can be programmed via the SCCB interface.
● High sensitivity for low-light applications
● Low voltage suitable for embedded applications
● Standard SCCB interface, compatible with I2C interface
● RawRGB, RGB (GRB4: 2: 2, RGB565 / 555/444), YUV (4: 2: 2) and YCbCr (4: 2: 2) output formats
● Supports VGA, CIF, and various sizes from CIF to 40x30
● VarioPixel sub-sampling method
● Automatic impact control functions include: automatic exposure control, automatic gain control, automatic white balance, automatic elimination of light stripes, automatic black level calibration. Image quality control including color saturation, hue, gamma, sharpness ANTI_BLOOM
● The ISP has noise and dead pixel compensation
● Supports image scaling
● Lens loss compensation
● 50 / 60Hz automatic detection
● Automatic adjustment of saturation (UV adjustment)
● Edge-enhanced automatic adjustment
● Noise reduction automatic adjustment
key parameter:
(3) power consumption of 60mW / 15fpsVGAYUV; (4) sleep <20muA; (5) temperature operation - (2) IO voltage 2.5V to 3.0V (internal LDO to nuclear power supply 1.8V) 30 deg C to 70 deg C; (6) Stable working 0 deg C to 50 deg C; (7) Output format (8 bits) bull YUV / YCbCr4: 2: 2 RGB565 / 555/444 GRB4: 2: 2 Raw RGB Data
Light (8) Learning size 1/6 "(9) Viewing angle 25 deg (10) Maximum rate of 30fps VGA
Sensitivity 1.3V / (Lux-sec); (11) SNR 46 dB; (12) Dynamic range 52dB
(15) pixel area 3.6mum x 3.6mum; (16) dark current 12mV / s at 60 ℃; (14) electronic exposure 1 line to 510 lines;3
1 x ZeroView PCB (new smooth black design!)
2 x sucker
4 x thread 10 mm pitch
4 x 4 mm screws
4 x nuts
4 x M2 6 mm screws
8 x M2 nuts
Further details:
Protect your camera module against a window or glass
Take pictures, videos, slow motion and delay photography from your window, through the pet box, in your car and other places.
A neat, hidden package with your camera cable hidden
With the old (v1.3) and new (v2.1) camera modules
Only use the best sucker - the high quality "Adams" cup from the United States
The form of the kit - enjoy the construction required ZeroView without any welding or tools
Complete user guide with assembly, code examples and faq (available here!)

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