Xbotics is India's super store for Drones, Robotics, IOT, 3D printing, CNC, Composite parts, machines, supplies, tools and services

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  • Aerial Botics (Drones)

    Xbotics is India's super store for all drones and drone parts needs. We offer a wide range of ready to fly, drone parts, spares, supplies and tools. 

  • Ground Botics

    Xbotics in India's super store for all robotics and electronics parts, diy robot kits, arduino robots, raspberrypi boards, sensors, control boards, etc..,

  • IOT

    IOT, Internet of Things, LORAWAN, automation, ESP, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wireless products at affordable costs - Xbotics

  • 3D Printer & 3D...

    3D Printers, 3D Printing tools, 3D printer filaments, 3D printing service, nozzles, extruders, heated beds, stepper motors at afforable costs - Xbotics

  • Composites

    Composite, Glass fiber, carbon fiber, glass fiber cloth, carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber sheets, tubes, rods at affordable costs - Xbotics

  • Drone Parts

    Xbotics is India's super store for all drones and drone parts needs. We offer a wide range of drone parts, propellers, BLDC motors, speed controllers, flight controllers, ESCs, Lipo batteries, Tx, Rx, drone frames etc..,

  • Tools

    Large collection of Measuring tools, soldering tools, tapes, zip tags, screws, allen keys, drillers, blowers,cutting tools

  • CNC Machine

    CNC Machines, CNC Parts, stepper motor, CNC Cutting, CNC machining at affordable costs - Xbotics

  • Sensors

    Sensors, gas sensors, MPU6050, arduino sensors, raspberrypi sensors, motion sensors, temperature sensors, ph sensor, hall effect sensors at affordable cost - Xbotics

  • Control Boards

    Control boards, arduino, rasperrypi, arduino uno, beaglebone, ARM board,NVIDIA jetson board at affordable rates - Xbotics

  • Wireless

    ESP, Nodemcu, zigbee, xbee, arduino, raspberrypi, GSM, GPRS, 433mhz, bluethooth module, SIM800C, NRF modules - Xbotics

  • Breakout Boards / Shields

    breakout boards, shields for arduino, raspberrypi at affordable cost - Xbotics

  • Motors, Actuators &...

    Geared motors, BLDC motors, plastic motors, actuators, servos for drones, robotics, IOT applications at low cost

  • Electronic Supplies

    Large collection of Breadboards, jumper wires, dupont wires, vero boards, LED  

  • Switches,...

    Large collection of Switches, Potentiometers, Joysticks, Relays, Solenoids for drones, robotics, IOT, CNC, 3D printing applications

  • Electronics Modules...

    Electronics Module and Boards at affordable cost - Xbotics

  • Pneumatics