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UAV (Drones)

Xbotics is India's super store for all drones and drone parts needs. We offer a wide range of ready to fly, drone parts, spares, supplies and tools. 

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  • DJI Drones

    Buy DJI Drones from India through our platform

  • Xbotics Drones

    Buy Our Own Manufactured Drones. We can make customized drones based on the requirement

  • Racing Drones

    Racing Drones, Tiny Whoop, F3 Racing Drone, F4 Racing Drone at Affordable Cost

  • Rubber Powered

    Rubber powered airplanes, ornithopters, flapping wing models at affordable cost - Xbotics

  • Fixed Wings

    RC Planes and Fixed Wing UAV's at Affordable Cost 

  • Multirotors

    Multirotor, Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Carbon Fiber Drones, DJI Drones at affordable cost

  • Ornithopter

    Ornithopters, flapping wing models at affordable cost - Xbotics

  • Micro kit

    Arduino Programming Micro Kits models at affordable cost

  • Payloads

    Camera, Sparing systems , Agriculture Medicine tanks, Water Sparing motor at affordable cost